Cummins 1750 kw Generators Landfill Gas New
8 ea. gas burning 1750 kw Cummins with one year factory warranty. Please find attached: Bill of Material from Original Order; OEM Spec sheet; actual photos of units currently stored – never installed. Factory made units in 2006; delivered new in 2007. Factory 1 yr full Warranty starts at install/startup/commissioning date per Cummins OEM. Note: Load Sharing Modules come with the package allowing full synchronization and paralleling. Radiators ARE NOT included; units were designed for remote radiators. 8 ea. Cummins Natural Gas - Original cost over $800k each: offered here with a OEM Warranty at $600k each. Can be left indefinitely in their current professional storage on the Gulf Coast for a month to month contract for $3500 per month. (Must provide insurance).

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1750 KW Standby 60 hz Alternators 13.8 KV
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