LM600PD & TM2500PE 120 MW Plant
120MW 50Hz Thermal Power General Electric 4x20MW Dual fuel; 1x40MW Natural Gas Invitation to tenders for the purchase of a 120 MW Power Plant consisting of five (5) generating units totaling 120 MW (50 Hz.) installed capacity. All Units were installed and commissioned in 2007 and have been operational since. All Units are General Electric manufactured with inlet chilling coils, 11kv Brush Generators, 11kv ABB

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For Sale
The hours are: Unit 1 (40MW) LM6000PD 857 Unit 2 (20MW) TM2500PE 1,559 Unit 3 (20MW) TM2500PE 1,632 Unit 4 (20MW) TM2500PE 1,917 Unit 5 (20MW) TM2500PE 11,237
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