Power Generation: LM6000, Cummins 2000KW DQKC, DQKH, DQKAB Power Module, Cummins Landfill Gas, Siemens V64.3, Steam Turbine Generator, 3000 rpm Gearbox, 520MW Power Plant, ABB Gas Turbine, Frame 5P, Frame 7FA, gas turbine facility, combined cycle.
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Updated April 2009

Our Highlighted Completed Projects: 20,000 gallon batch boric acid storage tank and trailer - completely customized for nuclear service Florida Power & Light Turkey Point Nuclear Station.

Natural Gas Cummins 1750 kw 60hz

Edwards Industrial is a proud stakeholder in Providence Energy Group. We are looking for oil venture partners to develop our exclusive concession in Belize with our wholy owned subsidiary Providence Energy Belize LTD. Details.

Edwards Industrial is a proud stakeholder in the new Starz! Series "The Resistance" to air summer 2009.

Proven, green combustion additive technology for #6 fuel oil fired boilers. Reduces SOx, NOx, unburned carbon particulates, vanadium slag, sulfur corrosion. Improves corrosion protection, efficiency, and power output. Tested on 210 MW boiler operation. Proprietary, please inquire.

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Cummins 2000 KW, LM6000, Frame 7FA, Siemens, Alsthom

  1. · Nearly 30 years of experience in construction, startup and operations/maintenance · Extensive experience in areas related to equipment reliability for components, predictive and preventive maintenance · Subject matter expert in rotating equipment · Component Inspections for acceptability in prior to procurement for plant sites · Subject matter expert in troubleshooting rotating equipment · Certified Kepner-Tregoe® Problem Solving & Decision Making · Certified Performance Improvement Equipment Failure Analysis · Certified in Root Cause Analysis · Special Projects Manager for Operating Plants for both online and refueling activities .

  2. 52 MW Steam Turbine Factory New from cancelled Solar Cogen Project. Axial Flow, bleed extraction, re-heated condensing. Full factory warranty. Witness Load Test Inspection report. Immediate Delivery.
  3. Confirmed March 2010: Four (4) Dual Fuel 7FA's, new, with warranty $POR each, stored. Immediate shipping.

  4. As of October 2, 2009 we have 1 ea. unused/new LM6000 Sprint with options. immediate shipment. Will sell fast! Warranty still in effect. Options include Fin Fan, Oil Cooler, Enclosure....more. Call for availability.

  6. 2 ea. HRSG's - new surplus in storage.

  7. 60,000 GPM Sulzer Split Case Pump 48x40-38 w/1750 HP Motor New surplus DI/SST
  8. 1ea. Cummins 750 KW Backup Generator, 1997, QST30 with 1300 orig hour, very nice, load tested, FOB terms.
  9. Siemens V64.3 Gas Turbine Power Plant Facility 9000 hours, includes spares and BOP. 69 MW 50 hz Simple Cycle. Terms are FOB Packed/Crated Port Southeast Asia. This is a top machine and a very rare opportunity for low cost acquisition! Off the Market.
  10. 1 ea. Flender-Graffenstaden Gearbox for 50 hz Frame 6B - OEM Inspection report upon request.

  11. 8 ea. NEW EMD Utility Grade 2200 kw @ 900 rpm diesel 50 or 60 hz - First overhaul at 40,000 hours!

  12. 9 ea. Cummins 2000 kw Power Modules, 480 volt, rebuilt. Click OEM Info, BOM, Warranty Info.

  13. 3 ea. Cummins 2007 2000 kw DQKC-G7 dual frequency 50/60 hz

  14. 8 ea. Cummins GQPB 1750 kw 2007 landfill gas/natural gas, new surplus w/warranty.

  15. Cummins diesel and gas units available - please inquire.
  16. LM6000PC Sprint, 60 hz, gas, unused. LM6000's available.

  17. Frame 7EA, low hours. Please email us about the latest status of available 7EA's.

  18. 2 ea. Wartsila 16V25SG, new, 2530 kw, 60 hz, dual fuel. Priced right.

  19. 4 ea. Frame 9E, 123 mw each, dual fuel, PG9171 new, cancelled project. Immediate delivery. $32 MM Euros. Buyer must register with seller to confirm the abscence of conflict of interest. All information is confidential. Please fill out FORM and submit to us. 4/8/09.

  20. Steam Turbine Generator Power Plants

  21. 145 MW 50 hz Alsthom ABB GT13E Power Plant Facility.

  22. Frame 5P - 25MW Gas, 60 hz. Currently dismantled and stored at port.

  23. Frame 5LA, Frame 5M, Frame 5N.

  24. 2 ea. Jenbacher 2500 kw 2.5 MW 4160 volt very low hour and balance of plant - ask for details.
  25. Frame 6B: rebuilt w/warranty. Two available.

  26. MIHI 501F, PG7141, PG7121 available.

  27. Fisher Control Valves

  28. 4 ea. Frame 7FA - $POR each. Unused in original crates. Updated 5-6-09

  29. 12.5 MW Biomass Power Plant - stoker fired, non-fluidized - as-/where-is - $3 million.

  30. 4 ea. TM2500PE Dual Fuel 50 hz 1800 hours Borescoped. As-is/where-is. Details & Photos.

  31. 1 ea. LM6000PD 50 hz Dual Fuel <1000 hours

  32. Siemens 50 hz V94.2 120 MW total - two machines. BOP included. Details.

  33. Generator End - 9000 kw 9MW 4160v, 442 hours w/bearing housing, SA encl, good cond. Photo.

  34. Coal Plant - Steam Turbine Generators - 1 x 125MW 60 hz - excellent condition.

  35. Surplus Gould Pumps - centrifugals Models 3175, 3196, 3316, 3796, 3415, 3405. See List.

  36. Rolls Royce Trents - new, 58 MW, Model WLE - 60 hz or 50 hz - please inquire Scope and Performance Data.

  37. Rolls Royce RB211-24C's - 25 mw each with DLE combustion system.

  38. LM6000PD - 900 hours 50 hz. Download OEM Cut sheet.

  39. 2 ea. Solar Taurus T60 Cogen & BOP: dual fuel, 5022 kw, 33690 hours, 4160 volt, T7301S, 205 starts
  40. 2 ea. MIHI 5.5MW Natural Gas 50hz and BOP, YOM 2002 - Excellent deal!

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